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Big Bear 2017 Commemorative Die-Cut Sticker
Dorwart For State Rep logo & print collateral
Logo & print collateral for Michael Dorwart, candidate for Missouri House District 106
Logo for an upcoming personal blog project, "Travels, Trails, Tattoos"
Monogram logo & personal branding
Logo, business card, resume, and website design for local video game designer/developer.
CU TV Commercial: Beer Branding Project
I was tasked with a unique project to create a company logo to be used for our Graphic Design Program TV spot, produced by FOX5 San Diego. The concept of the commercial was to show a student progressing from thinking of a career in graphic design, into attending Coleman University, and concluding in landing a job with his winning design. The logo was to evolve alongside the student throughout the spot.
CU Gaming Poster
CU Outdoor Signage
On campus and off campus outdoor signage for Coleman University.
CU Homepage Slider Images
Various slider images that have been swapped in and out of the Coleman University homepage over the years.
CU Graduation Collateral
Featured graphic design work for Coleman University's Graduation Ceremonies.
CU Print Handouts
Printed marketing collateral for direct mail, information inquiries, and event handouts.
Adrian's@Coleman café logo
A logo logo for Coleman University's on-campus public cafe, Adrian's@Coleman.
Big Bear 2014 Commemorative Pint Glass
A custom printed pint glass to commemorate one year's annual trip to Big Bear CA.
Big Bear 2016 Commemorative Silkscreen
Silk screen design made to print design on any item of the attendee's choosing.
Guidance - Abstracted self portrait
An abstracted self portrait made from personal and stock photography.
Change the Bulb logo for One3LED
Change the Bulb logo created for One3LED
Dirty Harry Valentine
A fun scratch-off roulette game Valentine's Day card
Iota Illustration
An illustration of my pet betta fish, Iota.
School Projects: Misc 2011-2013
Featured work from assignments during my time at Platt College, San Diego.
School Project: Lipstick Advertisement 2011
A film noir inspired advertisement created for a school assignment at Platt College, San Diego.
School Projects: Package Redesign 2012
A food product package redesign and a bottle label redesign for assignment at Platt College, San Diego.
School Project: Mixology App & Hotel App 2012
Two interactive tablet apps for assignment at Platt College, San Diego.
Ser Rabbert
A portrait of my pet rabbit.
Original sculptures and video game prop replicas
Creature Sculpt
Polymer clay figure combining aspects of anatomy from real creatures to create a fantasy creature.
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